Dr Milgraum helped develop the first laser for permanent hair reduction. Our most effective laser for unwanted hair and, hirsutism, is the long pulsed Ruby laser though we utilize several other lasers depending on your skin type. Laser hair removal is done safely and painlessly for all shades of skin color including black skin. In all skin types, the laser light for laser hair removal is pulsed for a fraction of a second destroying dark hair, not damaging the normal surrounding skin. Lasers do not work well on very light blond or white hairs.




The number of treatments and their interval depends on the type of laser used and the condition and pigmentation of your hair and skin. This is determined on your consultation. All permanent laser hair reduction is performed by Dr Milgraum personally.

The most popular areas treated for body hair removal are the upper lip, face, bikini area, breasts, trunk and arms. The speedy diode laser or Coolglide treats large areas such as the back and legs. A trip to the salon for waxing, shaving, bleaching and electrolysis is avoided with yearly maintenance visit.

We also treat pseudofolliculitis barbae or razor bumps seen primarily in African Americans with the long pulsed yag laser. This results in healthy, rejuvenated , smooth skin of the neck. The same laser can also be used in place of scerotherapy for spider veins in all skin types.

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A laser surgery such as the long pulsed ruby laser offers non-scarring permanent hair reduction. This means all the hairs are removed from a treated area and the majority of the hairs removed will permanently stay away. This works by miniaturization of the terminal hair follicles to fine invisible vellus hair follicles. Intense pulsed light units are not used by Dr Milgraum for hair removal because, while they remove the hair, the results are often temporary compared to wavelength specific lasers. Dr. Milgraum is an expert in permanent laser hair removal,

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I have been going to Dr. Milgraum since I was a teen with acne. Now I am taking my own kids there. Thanks for the many years of service Dr. Milgraum.

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