Lase MD | Major break-through for Melasma and skin ageing. 

The Thulium 1927nm laser is an infra-red device. It gently creates microscopic channels with minimal disruption to the stratum cornium, the upper level of the skin. These channels improve skin permeability for therapeutic agents applied to the skin. Between the channels there are untouched bridges of tissue which helps speed recovery from this gentle laser treatment. This is performed with minimal discomfort without the need for anesthesia and little down-time.

The Thulium laser allows customized skin resurfacing for every patient, regardless of skin type or age, with optional settings from mild to more aggressive. 

Immediately following the laser treatment active therapeutic ingredients are sprayed on the skin surface and delivered deep into the skin. These include Vitamin C or tranexamic acid among others, depending on the condition treated. The skin becomes healthy from the inside. A barrier cream mask pack is then applied to aide absorption of the therapeutics and speed recovery of the skin.

Patients return to work the next day and can apply make-up to cover mild redness that last a day or 2 days after the procedure.

Many cosmetic and medical conditions are ideally treated with the Thulium laser; Melasma, wrinkles, ageing skin texture, mottling, loose skin, décolletage, dull or dark sun spots, freckles, hair loss, and scars. It is even FDA cleared to treat precancerous spots such as actinic keratoses.

The Thulium laser gets rave reviews when it brightens dull skin with poor texture, boosting and refreshing the appearance of the skin.

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