Dr Milgraum was the first physician to perform cosmetic laser tattoo removal in an office setting. Unlike dermabrasion the doctor is able to remove tattoos with a minimal chance of scarring. We utilize the Q switched Ruby laser, Q switched Yag laser and Alexandrite laser for tattoo removal. Intense laser light passes harmlessly through the top layers of the skin to be selectively absorbed by the tattoo pigment.  Dr Milgraum performs the R20 technique adding topical perfluorodecalin after each treatment to decrease treatment times and improve results during each session. 

We can completely or partially remove most tattoo colors including green. Picosecond 755-nm alexandrite laser will remove stubborn residual green color. Facial eyebrow tattooing and radiation tattoos are also amenable to laser tattoo removal. Tattoo removal NJ will confront your fire-breathing dragon. 

These same lasers are utilized to remove brown birth mark and age spots. Rarely a plastic surgeon will need to surgically remove a tattoo. This option can be discussed during your consultation.

Laser tattoo removal is accomplished in a few treatments at our convenient center  in central New Jersey.

Interestingly, New Jersey cosmetic laser dermatologist, Dr Milgraum’s use of the Q-switched Ruby laser for tattoo removal led to the development of the first commercial laser hair removal laser in the world.

Finally, the Yag laser can also be employed for facial resurfacing, scar removal, spider veins and varicose veins treatment.

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